Simplicity is the leading retirement planning business through its commitment to client education and long-term consumer value. Simplicity is the leading retirement planning business through its commitment to client education and long-term consumer value.

Simplicity is the leading retirement planning business through its commitment to client education and long-term consumer value.


March 18, 2020

As markets and the current health issues presented by COVID-19 continue to evolve in unprecedented ways and at a rapid pace, we wanted to update all our valued business partners on Simplicity’s business continuity plans, which have now been implemented.

First, we hope that this update finds you and your families healthy and safe. We express our best wishes to all those who have been, or may be, impacted by the Coronavirus. If there is any way we can support you in dealing with the impacts from Coronavirus, please contact your Simplicity business partner. We have long track record of engaging in charitable works and many of Simplicity’s Principals are leaders in their community.

Second, in light of the extraordinary drop in equity markets over the last two weeks, many Americans are in need of the very products and services that we proudly distribute with you. Never has investment safety, coupled with the potential for upside appreciation, been so needed. The uncertainty caused COVID-19’s unpredictable impact (both health and economic) over the coming months means there is likely to be continued volatility. During this period, traditional means of distribution (events, seminars, appointments, etc.) will be curtailed by governmental actions designed to enforce social distancing. To address the confluence of these challenges, Simplicity’s sales offices have been working on developing virtual meeting and sales practices. Please contact your Simplicity business partner to learn about our various webinars and sales support.

Third, Simplicity is “open for business”. We have fully implemented our business continuity plans. We are well capitalized. Our technology is cloud-based and our communications remain secure. We are providing remote access functionality and/or a work-from-home ability for Simplicity’s 300+ employees at the direction of their Principals. Each of our 18 offices across the country remains open and we are processing business daily. We are committed to protecting the health of our employees and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We are prepared to fully meet our obligations and your expectations through this challenging period.

Finally, we recognize that current events present a daunting challenge from a business continuity perspective. There is a likelihood that our business, and/or your business, could be materially impacted. In recognition of this possibility, we are committed to transparency and flexibility. Communication and partnership will be key. Your Simplicity business partners will provide you with the best service possible and, to the extent there are new needs you would like to have addressed, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We are proud to be able to work with you through this unprecedented period.

Bruce Donaldson
President & CEO
Simplicity Group

Intelligent Solution Design

Simplicity is committed to innovating the financial planning business for its distribution partners, advisors, and consumers. The breadth and expertise of the organization allow it to identify the current and anticipated needs of its clients and design the easily executable solutions that will support them in realizing their business and life objectives. Simplicity’s systems and programs focus on three core areas of a financial organization:

Simplicity Holdings Marketing

Data-driven, turnkey marketing solutions, tailored to the client’s strengths, market profile, budget, business vision, and life objectives.

Simplicity Holdings Operations

Streamlined operational solutions, backed by proprietary systems, products, and technologies that will optimize the client’s business efficiencies and overall productivity.

Simplicity Holdings Relationships

Establish meaningful connections and a sense of community, that support and motivate the transformation of the client’s business and life.

Our Vision Is Simple…

“Simplicity aspires to be the leading financial products distribution firm by helping advisors and their clients achieve their financial goals.”

Bruce Donaldson
President & Chief Executive Officer

Delivering The Simplicity Vision

Simplicity is at the forefront of advancing retirement planning for consumers and their financial representatives by focusing on the two hallmarks of retirement: principal protection and longevity risk mitigation. We do this through a holistic planning lens, providing our affiliated advisors, agents, and their clients with guaranteed income and life insurance products, wealth accumulation strategies, and long-term care protection.

Who We Work With…

Distribution Partners

Our distribution partners are the core of our business. From executing the corporate vision to leading our strategic growth plan, our partners are responsible for the organization’s vitality and industry influence.

Advisors and Agents

We understand the challenges our advisors and agents face, which is why we have dedicated our business to providing them with the financial products, operational support, and sales and marketing resources, to consistently grow their businesses.

Insurance Carriers

We work with the nation’s foremost carriers and have access to nearly every annuity and life product available in the marketplace, as well as proprietary products exclusive to us.