March 2022

Simplicity News

Simplicity acquired California-based Optima Financial & Insurance Services and welcomes Jon Salomon and Greg Olson as Partners.

Simplicity-branded promotional gear is available for purchase for local events and Advisor-gifting by clicking here.

Please note: there are minimum quantities on orders for select items. Should you need a smaller quantity or would like to see additional gear options, please reach out to Denielle Webb.

More than 200 attendees joined Simplicity for our first  Advanced Sales Training of 2022, led by Jason Jenkins in Scottsdale on February 24 and 25. Look for our next AST in May 2022.

Upcoming Events

Next 30 Days

March 17

Simplicity Annuity University


March 30 – April 1



Next 60 Days

April 12

Life Premier Carrier Webinar with North American


April 20-21

On The Road in Miami, FL


April 21

Recruiting Webinar


April 26

Recruiting Webinar


April 28

BD Wholesaler Training in Austin, TX

*internal by invitation only

April 29

ADC Summit in Austin, TX

*internal by invitation only

Social Media

Simplicity’s LinkedIn reached 1,000 followers – are you one of them? Follow @SimplicityGroup today.

LinkedIn Best Practices for Organic Posting

Posting Do’s

Share official content from @SimplicityGroup to your feed whenever possible.
Tag @SimplicityGroup in post copy to expand your reach (the SG handle will amplify posts that tag Simplicity).
Keep post copy brief and relevant to your network.
Use a first person point of view in posts and comments. This is your story and your recommendation
Use hashtags (#Education # Value #Partnership #ThisIsSimplicity #EducationValuePartnership) when appropriate to underscore Simplicity’s brand values. Hashtags also make your posts discoverable by people outside your network searching for like-minded content.
Engage with people who comment positively on your posts; and comment positively on other people’s posts. 
Pose questions to encourage engagement.

Posting Don’ts

Do not post photos of our partners (Advisors or Carriers) or mention them by name in post copy.
Do not post negative comments about competitors (companies or individuals), former employers…or negative comments in general.
Do not engage with people who post  negative comments in your feed. Take debates offline.
LinkedIn is a social network for professionals – limit posting unrelated personal content (ie: funny gifs/videos, cartoons, jokes). Save that content for Facebook or Instagram.
Do not forget to spell check post copy.

Simplicity’s Social Media Policy is available in the Employee Handbook in Oasis

For more LinkedIn best practices, please reach out to Denielle Webb


Two lawsuits were filed against the US Department of Labor regarding the latest Fiduciary Rule 3.0 in February. The Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice, joined by a number of independent insurance agents and agencies, sued in federal court in Texas in the same court that vacated the rule previously.  The other lawsuit came from The American Securities Association, which filed in federal court in Florida.   Both lawsuits claim the DOL overstepped its bounds with the new rule.  The DOL Rule enforcement date started on February 1, 2022.  The next key date will be the documentation date on July 1, 2022.  At that time, advisors or registered representatives will be required to compare the client’s current plan benefits to the proposed new investment for financial institutions.  As of this time, PTE 84-24 is still available as the DOL is still reviewing this exemption for independent insurance agents.  There will be more developments as we approach the July 1 documentation date, as this is essentially where the regulation goes fully in effect.