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What Would It Take to Build Your Dream Practice?

Think for a minute, what would it take to create your dream practice? In the real world, it takes coaching, community, resources. And you’re going to need tools, mentoring, and support. In this industry, it’s hard to get started.

But what if you had some help and didn’t have to reinvent the wheel?

Today, we’re proud to offer you an industry-leading solution: AGT, Advisor Growth Tech, or AGT, is a Powerhouse set of tools each designed to supercharge your career. Now you can handle the practice of your dreams with a unique team of advisors and mentors. Plus, a library of resources. It’s unlike like anything you’ve ever seen.

Build a Community

If you’ve ever felt alone in your work, now you can join now you can join a web-based community with like-minded advisors. But it’s more than just a website, it’s a game changer.

Everyone in this industry faces the same challenges but some have found a way to Overcome them and become wildly successful. Have you ever wondered how they do it? Well, you’re about to find out. The AGT community will give you answers to tough questions like “how can I find more qualified leads?” and “how can I increase my enclosing ratio?”. In the AGT Mentorship section, you’ll learn from top advisors in the field, each with their own specialty. They’ll help you build a bridge from theoretical models to practical skills used every day.

We’ve gathered the best, including David Stryzewski, Patrick Wehrly, Warren Wall, and Steve Dejohn. You learn from the Masters and will watch them deliver their seminars, have access to their PowerPoint presentations and mailers, and even pull back the curtain at client meetings. You’ll learn every detail of what makes their business tick.

Get Connected, Stay Connected

In AGT’s Forum section, you will find help from an entire community. These are your people. You’re not alone anymore. The help you need is just a click away. Post questions and get answers 24/7. I think you may be starting to see we built the industry’s ultimate advisor resource.

As an AGT participant, you also have exclusive access to Synergy’s business valuation and consulting services. They’ll help you add value to your business from day one and far into the future. By assessing three important areas you’ll know exactly what your practice is worth and how to maximize its value going forward. The Synergy team, led by Joe Moss will increase the value of your business substantially. Four times a year, AGT will feature a top-performing advisor. They’ll share all the secrets of their success and their complete playbook, including many of the tools, documents, and processes that got them where they are.

Take Your Sales to the Next Level

AGT offers two distinct sales coaching platforms whether you’re learning from sales coaches that have trained the leaders of Fortune 500 companies, or are annuity closing expert you’ll gain valuable skills in the art of sales.

Finally, AGT members will have access to best-in-class products and services from Platinum advisor strategies. This is where the rubber meets the road if you need customized industry-specific products for your business. They can do everything from design your logo and business cards to planning a wine and cheese event in your town. Or maybe you need help with promotional products or procedure manuals. Whatever it is, they’ve got you covered, and platinum advisors average an increase of 27% in their first year alone.

Build Your Dream Practice

So what is AGT? An industry-first paradigm-shifting community led by mentors and supported by a library of truly unique resources. Now, Back to that question we began this video with. What would it take to build your dream practice? With AGT’s coaching, community, and resources now you know the answer.

AGT. Only from Simplicity Financial Marketing. See you online!

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